Sunday, May 8, 2011

The parabolic rise in silver

I have  watched in awe as silver went on parabolic rise to nearly 50 dollars an ounce and then was predictably knocked down by the banksters. All parabolic rises collapse, I know but this time silvers' rise was because of the Bernanks parabolic money printing and the loss of confidence that that inspired in paper money.
A parabolic loss of confidence if you like
|I always tell people the only thing I buy now are tangible assets such as gold and silver
and they always ask me if i make money on them. Indeed people asked if I had sold when silver was near to 50 dollars. I did not sell and never will. The point being that people are missing the point with gold and silver.
I am not buying them to  make more worthless money I am buying them because they ARE MONEY.
There will come a time (not too long IMHO) when an ounce of gold will be worth an ounce of gold and an ounce of silver will be worth an ounce of silver. I do not want more paper money that is being trashed daily
by a zionist central banker. I want Freedom from that and protection and thats why I buy PM's.
Not only that but if buying silver helps bankrupt the banksters then what more reason do you need?
People often say to me "what use is gold, you cannot eat it'.
Well my response is "can you eat a dollar?"
The only use a dollar will have in the future is to decorate your walls or wipe your ass with. Gold started off
money with bullion dealers issuing gold certificates to store your gold and thus i will always see gold as money.
That is until the issuance of currency is backed up by integrity and the rule of law of  having a transparent
 agency owned by the people in  control its quantity, rather than a zionist maniac with genocidal tendencies.


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