Monday, May 9, 2011

one of the best posts ever: MUST READ

goes hand in hand with with my infinte growth in a finite world post

Over Population, Unfunded Liabilities, Global Warming and Peak Oil have gotten a lot of attention over the last couple of years. They are Elitist scary campfire stories used to scare the masses into larger global governance. One key flaw in all of these theories is that they all rely on our current monetary order remaining in place. Since  the time of the Tower of Babel, man has built systems that work against the natural laws of our world. This has accomplished great feats, but like most man-made systems they are built with the idea of pushing to extremes and not focusing on balance. Inevitably things that go up must come down, and our monetary system is no different. With the collapse of the monetary order, all of these theories/problems will cease to be issues because they will be self corrected by the end of the one thing that makes them possible: exponential growth of money/debt.

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