Sunday, May 8, 2011

CNBC : 'An honest broker"

I watched CNBC (for pure entertainment purposes , not for economic insight I might add) a few days before
the Bernank made his first public appearance to live press and i remember one of the hosts referring to the Bernank as an honest broker, and that they were concerned that the press may not have enough economic knowledge to ask the right questions from such as master as the FED chairman. Now i have heard nauseating stuff on this channel before but to refer to the Bernak as an honest broker takes the biscuit.
Its like referring to Pol Pot or Stalin as an honest leader and a good human being. Do these people really believe what they are saying or are they prostituted that much?
Unbelievable? As for economic knowledge. I feed a couple of homeless kids of maybe 6 years of age and I can assure you either one would know more about economics that the Bernank. Hell a monkey could do a better job.
Anyone who takes what the MSM says seriously deserve all they get IMHO

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