Friday, November 18, 2011

Again why is this man not our prime Minister

Instead of this voice of reason we have someone whose own life experience is giving sexual favors to future bankers behind the bike sheds of Eton.

We have been duped like the US
We wanted change and have ended up with the same bullshit, a puppet who bows down to special interests.
Cameron is indeed a slight improvement over Brown and Blair but then who wouldn't be.
An Amoebae with brain damage could have done a better job.
Its a disgrace that we have only got one adult willing to speak the truth in the whole country or even the entire world it seems
Its time  now that people need to choose which side they are on.
The side of common sense and decency like Farrage or the side of the voodoo Keynesians who think they can cure debt with  more debt and  money printing who are nothing more than lackeys for bansters.
Mervyn King and the money printers will do well to read this for it is their heads that will end up on the ends of pitchforks when this does blow sky high
I'll say this again so EVERYONE gets it
The system in its present form requires exponential growth to function. We have reached the limits of that growth on a finite planet. We need an adult who is willing to face up to this not a retard who clamors about the need for more growth on a finite planet.
Indeed that is our environmental problem right there, not C02 clap trap but a system that grows for growth sakes.
Thats why  most of the world is now a concrete building site in our incessant need for more "growth".
An alien from another planet who came here would find it quite strange that we built things just to keep us busy and to keep bankers in bonus.
We are a stupid race if we do not face up to this and like other stupid species we will fail if we do not stop this bullshit, but tragically we will take the entire planet with us