Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What more evidence do you need of a rigged absurd market than the action today?

Todays action saw  a broad sell off of "risk" assets all because Bennie didn't print.
Yet if one can believe it the economic reports out of the US were rosy.
So the economy does well but without more free money and additional leverage the market sells off.
Says it all really.

Gold and silver smack down

Gold  and silver got whacked today.

Personally I am using this as a buying opportunity.
This wreaks of a coordinated attack as the dump started right after Bernanke hinted that there would be
no more QE with his speech. Anyone who thinks QE will stop any time soon is in for a rude awakening.
I am buying the f*cking dip.
I am going to include a video I have just viewed where Lyndsey Williams a supposed insider of the elites talks about what his insiders have told him about what is coming down the road. He has been quite accurate in the past about what is coming. Some of his comments about Abiotic oil and divine manifestations may be a bit off the mark, who knows but certainly in regards to the economy and geopolitical events he has been accurate.
In this video you will see how important holding precious metals may indeed be.
It holds with my own view that you keep PMs to transfer into any new currency or system after this one dies.
Take from it what you will
It is rather long and if you search under YOU tube you can find it split into shorter segments.
I also attach this interview he did

I have also attached the script he references here.

I am not saying that what he says is true that the FED will devalue the US dollar by 40 percent but I think its  a strong possibility

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another must listen

Excellent report from Jim Sinclair aka "Santa"

I agree 100 percent with what he says and that why I hold Gold
I believe currency collapses/hyperinflation in the current system can happen when there is a total loss of confidence in the system and that is what is happening and regardless of QE I believe that holding equities is dangerous at this time. What we have is basically a sovereign debt bubble which was transferred from private debts in 2008. When it bursts the entire system goes with it and that will take down currencies and equities.
The only thing left standing will be phyical assets such as gold, debt free property and debt free land