Monday, May 9, 2011

Krugman proving once again what a grade A moron he is

One time consumer price increase?
say what? so all the money printing that never ends and ends up going into commodities is a one off event?
Seeing as we are are on QE2 its now the second time and as you know there will be QE to infinity therefore infite inflation until the whole system collapses ala Weimar.
We have the worst possible environment. Prices go up but wages stay low. hmm but thats ok with you?
Your'e a moron or a prostitute for the Bernanke, which is it?
I hope you and Bernanke go to jail where you both belong.
If you actaully had to work for a living in the real world I do not think you could say what you do.
What was the one off payment you made for your qualification as a professor?
you and all Keynesians should have been shot at birth
You think its ok to mess with the natural business cycle I think its ok to mess with the gene pool and take people like you out of it

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