Monday, May 9, 2011

Bin Ladens burial at sea

People need to be aware of this. We are told this was done as its a traditional wayto bury muslims. Ok but even if that is the case why give a man who is supposedly the worlds most evil man any honour in death?
However with just a little research its evident that burial at sea is not islamic tradition.
Its is tradition to bath the body before its burial but not to bury in water.
Indeed from Wikepedia


The sacred texts of Islam prefer burial on land, "so deep that its smell does not come out and the beasts of prey do not dig it out". However, if a person dies at sea and it is not possible to bring the body back to land before decay, or if burial at land becomes impossible, burial at sea is allowed. A weight is tied to the feet of the body, and the body is lowered into the water. This would preferably occur in an area where the remains are not immediately eaten by scavengers. Also, if an enemy may dig up the grave to mutilate the body, it is also allowed to bury the deceased at sea to avoid mutilation.[2]
In the Sunni Fiqh book Umdat al-Salik wa Uddat al-Nasik, the condition for sea burial is:
It is best to bury him (the deceased) in the cementery... If someone dies on a ship and it is impossible to bury him on land, the body is placed (O: tightly lashed) between two planks (O: to obviate bloating) and thrown into the sea (O: so that it reaches shore, even if the inhabitants are non-Muslims, since a Muslim might find the body and bury it facing the direction of prayer (qibla)).[3]
As you can see  he did not die at sea thus burial on land is preferred method.
I would suggest that they are trying to hide something
To anyone who believes the official story (which has changed several times) WAKE UP 

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