Sunday, April 24, 2011

Infinite growth in a finite world

The main problem humanity faces now is a system designed upon infinite growth.
The monetary system requires it, thats why you always hear talk of how the economies are growing.
If we don't grow, economies go into recession and people lose jobs. We are told that growth is good as it helps poorer people to become wealthier. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that money is created
when we take out Loans from the bank. Unfortunately the money needed to provide the interest on these loans is not created thus requiring another loan to take place so that this money is created.
Its a ponzi scheme that requires more and more debt so growth is needed to save the banks, nothing more.
In the past growth was obtainable as resources were sufficient to provide it. Unfortunately on a finite planet
it was always going to get to the point where growth for growth sakes was no longer viable.
I believe we have no come to that point. IMHO we either change the system to one that doesn't require growth
or we die. Think about it , how many more houses do we need? How many more hotels?
How much more wilderness is there left to "develop". If we do n ot stop this madness then the world will soon be one big city. Our monetary system is destroying the planet make no  mistake but it isn't due to C02
which is just an excuse for another ponzi carbon trading scheme. Oceans are being polluted and rain forests
are being destroyed so as to provide growth to the global ponzi scheme. Growth for growths sake is a cancer.
The sooner we realize this the better. As long as the present fractional reserve debt based system is here
the planet and therefore us have no future as far as I can see. The only future will be overcrowding, concrete
and wars. Which make it so ironic that one of the Rothchilds is a staunch environmentalist when its his famiies
monetary system that has destroyed the planet.
I invite you to watch the money masters and watch the good dr bartlett


  1. "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell"
    -----Edward Abbey

  2. Mick
    wise words indeed.
    Its the C02 of course that is destroying us all though :) yeah right