Friday, April 22, 2011

No Mention of the real criminal

Obama must think we are a bunch of c*nts with no independant thought.
Blaming the oil price rise purely on hoarders and speculators.
No mention of the real reason IE the Chairsatan , the Bernank is printing trillions of dollars.
He is printing more than Mugabe ever did.
What does this do the the dollar? It drives its value lower of course but all commodities priced in dollars
have not lost their value hence they rise in dollar terms. This is simple economics/maths, obviously too much for the empty suit who promised change.
That is why we have the revolutions around the middle east now
People cannot afford to eat because of the FEDS mandate to bailout all the banksters at any cost by printing money (QE) and giving it to the banks . Of course they then speculate on the markets but its Obama and the FED who promote it. These people then riot and as its in oil rich nations such as Libya the price of oil then rises even further. A vicious circle. Heh but we then have to protect them right ? Yeah thats right we then have to spend even more tax payer money that we don't have to protect the very people that riot
If you want to stop the rise in commodities such as oil and stop the wars then remove the FED from power
stop printing money, and let the markets find their true value.
Thats right and let the market set interest rates and not a Zionist puppet in a suit hiding behind academic books in a central bank

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