Friday, June 24, 2011

Nigel farrage should be PM

He seems to be the ONLY ADULT in the entire Western world of politics right now.

Listen to these so called journalists though. Nigel was very patient with them.
I would have told them to go and read up on some economics and aquire some common sense before asking their non sensical questions, otherwise to F*ck right off and get another job more fitting to their intellect like a road sweeper.
To the journalists in this video?
What about the banks they ask?
I say yes what about them?
They made a bet and in a capitalist society, you make a bad bet, you pay for it , there is no bail out.
I am so worried that the banks will take a haircut and they may not be ABLE TO PAY themselves billions of bonus this year. It is not this thought that keeps me up at night but what does bother me is the fact that somehow this whole sorry Keynesian nightmare continues.
As for us helping Greece as the stupid bitch here asks
how about this?
You want to help feel more than  free to send them money so they can retire at 53 whilst you work till 65
be my guest but ask yourself one question, how can the UK one BANKRUPT nation bailout another BANKRUPT NATION ?
Ask yourself that and if you then cannot see how utterly stupid your comments are then do us a favour and take yourself out of the gene pool
I will provide two body bags for these two clowns if they slit their wrists

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