Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gee, guess this makes me just another conspiracy theorist soon to be classified as a terrorist, I expect, but at least an intelligent one, his words not mine ;)

Distrust of the mainstream media and thinking that the whole Obama capture was just a sideshow to get Obama's ratings up and another convenient distraction. Yep how stupid can one get to even entertain such thoughts.
Whoever these two clowns are, they need to get a grip! The only surreal thing about watching this was 
just how brainwashed these two nut jobs really are. Anyone who believes the official Obama capture/death story, which has now changed dozens of times from the official story of  9/11, are the biggest nut jobs.
I'm not into just conspiracy theories, I'm more into FACTS.
All one has to do to get the truth AND the facts is to follow the money trail. That is, private groups control the money supply, and when that happens, anyone can be bought from politicians to the media, and they sure have been!
Who was Obama's biggest briber/contributor?
Would that be Goldman Sachs?
Oh, I wonder. Did they also bribe the opposition, so it didn't matter who got elected? They are both serving the same master? How I wonder.
Which bank is the one biggest private Primary dealer of the Private Federal Reserve?
Could that be Goldman Sachs?
Who Did Paulson work for just before he handed out billions to the too-Big-to-fail, of which Goldman Sachs suddenly got loads due to being changed into a bank holding company overnight even though they are a giant hedge fund and, as far as i know, do not offer current accounts?
Oh, could he have been CEO of the said bank for 25 years?
Which bank made a fortune on placing  Puts (i.e. betting against) on airlines just before 9/11?
On 9/11, three buildings collapsed from Fire at free fall speed. Never in recorded history has a building collapsed from fire, much less at free fall speed . On this day, we had three fall, one of which wasn't even hit by a plane.
It was just shear coincidence that building 7 had all sorts of incriminating evidence of financial fraud as well
that which would make Enron look like a petty theft.
Again, only F***ing morons like these two cannot add 2 and 2 together and see the big picture here.
As an aside, I do admit some truthers go overboard and I do not think tornadoes are the result of HAARRP or nonsense like that; 
that's giving these people just a little too much credit.

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