Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you happy living in a fascist police state?

If you live in the US or most of the Western world I am afraid this is what we live in.
Remember as per Mussolini the merger of state and corporate powers is fascism and given the bailouts and
in 2008 and money printing which ends up not in our hands but select hands.
Given the obvious fact that corporations interests  are put before individual interests. A fact made all the more clear by the passage of a bill in the US which means Corporations have the same voting rights as individuals and given the extent of lobbying determining who gets election funding, you would have to be a complete moron not to see this.
If you are happy with this then  by all means keep playing in  their casino known as the stock market
to the sheeple and known as the big bank rigged casino to those who are awake.
Keep buying corporate poison like Coke and Macdonald's, keep on being a mindless consumer, snatching up Ipads on credit , keep believing the corporate media like the BBC or FOX instead of reading sites like Keep watching American Idol and keep wanting more Fiat  money thats not worth the paper its not printed on.
If you want change then stop doing the above , feed your mind intellectually , feed your body proper wholesome food that isn't saturated in Aspartame ( and high fructose glucose syrup (

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