Thursday, June 23, 2011


I thought it was about time I posted something more on 9/11
Whilst I like to concentrate on things we can prove from a financial perspective
as I would prefer this site to concentrate on facts rather than speculation
I think understanding what went on , on this day is important to understand the big picture of what is occurring now. Whilst it open to speculation EXACTLY what went on this day (although I have my theories)
I think its important to understand that it can we can be 100% assured that what happened was not the official story. No building has ever collapsed from fire let alone at free fall speed , but on this day we have 3.
Yes 3 , how many people even know about building 7 that collapsed and no plane even hit this one.
Add the free fall to speed to the fact that the collapses had the exact characteristics of a controlled demo job
and the fact that fireman and many other witnesses heard EXPLOSIONS on that day and it should be plain (or should that read plane) to see that flying objects alone did not cause their collapse

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