Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stacey Herbert over at Max is a moron

She is a one track record going on daily about AGW.
I like Max and his stance against the banks but his constant talk of AGW when everyone knows that its also a
ponzi scheme from the banks leads me to conclude that he and Stacey cannot be trusted.
It has been said countless times by experts such as Piers Corbyn that our weather and indeed earthquakes
are driven by sun and lunar effects and has nothing to do with C02.
Climategate also exposed AGW as a fraud
Are we killing the planet? Absolutely but to blame it on C02 misses the point. C02 is the least of our worries
when compared to radiation leaks, chemical dispersants sprayed on oil spills, plastics, heavy metals, you name it
we are destroying our host ie our planet. It just upsets me that so called intelligent people can get sidetracked onto this C02 nonsense.
I'm beginning to question anything these two say.

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