Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Krugman once again proving he is the dumbest clown on the planet right now

When the collapse happens and these clowns have no protection It would take great restraint not to remove from Gods gene pool imbeciles like this. How can a moron like this be called a Professor?
Is he a professor of Moronicology?
He says he has a PHD in economics but is proving he knows less about economics than a stray alley cat.
I need to get this off my chest
paul Krugman you are a Moron and a disgrace of a Human being
You do not know ANYTHING about economics and have no clue about the real world
You are a parasite and I can only assume by these latest comments of yours that yoiu are trying to be a Comedian. Are you? If so you are a better comedian than an economist but i f I were you I would still kill myself by being an utterly worthless parasite who serves no purpose to society what so ever.

comment 1  only aliens can save us

Comment 2 : its  shame the earthquake in Washington wasn't worse

I agree it IS a shame , not because as this brain dead muppet thinks that it will help the economy but it may have taken out the gene pool , idiots like this as well as all the cretins in the White House and Wall 
Street. So I guess in that sense it would also help the economy

Zerohedge is not confirmin g this statement is by him but it could have ONLY have come from him
Noone else (even Tim Geitner) is that stupid

When is it enough for these Keynesian scumbags to admit defeat.Japan has had two lost KEYNESIAN decades and after the earthquake has not rebounded as idiots  like this said it would.
Their whole argument is based on WW2 which bought us out of a depression
They fail to recognize that the economy had been in a slump for over 10 years anyway and so may have rebounded anyway but my feeling is that the US back then was a creditor nation and not the worlds biggest DEBTOR nation and so prospered when they helped the rest of the world rebuild but one can hardly say that war is good. Asking the people at that time if they would prefer a low stock market or a world war and i am sure a low stock market would have been the better option.
Scary thing is , that the policy makers WILL take Krugmans  advice and START a war just to get the stock market up
I am predicting that along with Gerald Celente

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